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Welcome to sites of independent and non-commercial research project intent on history and dynamism of colportage activities in the territory of Czech lands.

The aim of the project is the describing of theme omitted in Czechia until now: history of informal spreading or direct distribution of written and printed publications. It could contribute to documentation of modern communication and mass media development. Web ( is the independent platform, not representing any community.

The website is divided into four main chapters, corresponding with four main areas colportage activities can be sorted to:

  • Book evangelization
  • Colportage of national-revivalist literature
  • Commercial forms of colportage in our territory
  • Spreading of political opposition press

There are glossary, discussion contributions, reviews, info about project and links to related literature or websites at the disposal.

If you want browse this website in other language then Czech, please go to language selection, choose suitable language and let the Google machine translator to translate individual HTML documents.

Resulting quality has, of course, its own limits. On the other hand, the website is available in many languages in quality relevant for basic acquaintance with problems. In case of your interest in further information don’t hesitate to contact webmaster

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